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We make button badges
and magnets. That's it!

Button badges

Save the VAT

That’s right. We ship without VAT, so you save money right here, right now.

13 Different sizes

From 22 to 100mm. We got badges in many sizes and shape. Take a look.

We are different

SUN-PRINT is one of the biggest button badge manufactures in Europe

We love badges

We are different. We believe in badges. In fact we love badges! That’s why we are making the best and most loveable badges corporation in the entire world. Just so that we can serve you with fast-as-lightning production, Europe’s best delivery times, quality all the way around and still save you a buck or two.

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Let people tell you story

Did you know that a button badge can turn your customers into Viral Marketing Agents? A well designed button badge draws attention to both your brand and message from the hundreds of people the wearer meets every day!

Every time a person wearing your badge meets another person they talk about your brand and your button badge messaging begins! The wearer becomes a Viral Marketing Agent for your company and the attention value exists every time he or she meets a person who sees your button badge.

Done the right way a button badge campaign can have the same successful impact as viral campaigns on the internet. Except button badge campaigns deliver genuine real life marketing agents in the streets. In addition the button badge campaign is much easier to implement, takes less time and is much more cost effective to launch!

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